Our Approach

We specialize in building fully-custom homes, large-scale renovations and additions. We have never built the same home twice and with a collaborative team approach to building, we start early during planning and design to establish realistic expectations and work towards achieving the unique vision, intent, priorities and budget goals of each and every one of our clients.

Open and honest communication, collaboration, accessibility and teamwork are hallmarks of how we manage the custom-building process.

What differentiates the way we build is our highly-detailed engineer’s approach to planning, design and problem solving. Our team has a diverse range of skills and experience not only in homebuilding and project management, but also in the design and engineering industries, all of which are reflected in our highly-organized methods to ensure a smooth process and enhance the positive experience of building a custom home.

We Believe in Open Communication and Teamwork

Whether we are working alongside our clients and the design team to evaluate design details, provide site analysis, develop budgets, problem solve complex systems or guide the team through the entire process, nothing is more important when it comes to achieving a client’s goals than open communication and teamwork. With this in mind, we have perfected our cloud-based management systems to provide our clients, design team, subcontractors and trade professionals with the ability to monitor progress 24/7, stay up-to-date on daily activities, collaborate most efficiently and always make fully-informed decisions throughout construction as we all work together to create an exceptionally crafted home.

Unmatched Customer Service After the Build

Our reputation is built not only on the personal attention and highest-quality craftsmanship that we deliver through the construction phase, but also on our commitment to follow-up and maintaining complete customer satisfaction long after a project is complete. With this in mind, we go above and beyond to correct issues that may arise even after our highest warranty standards have expired.

The Pre-Construction Phase

We encourage selecting your builder and design team early in the planning process to provide a collaborative team approach during the design phase which offers the greatest potential savings in regard to time and cost. Our involvement typically begins before the design and plans are substantially completed as we work alongside our clients and the design team to evaluate project costs, refine design details and create the best solutions with a team goal of achieving the vision, intent, priorities and budget goals that are unique for each and every project.

As your design, details and plans are being refined, we continue to collaborate and prepare the final budget along with a detailed construction schedule and selection schedule as the project moves towards the construction phase.

Our pre-construction approach guarantees that we are working with our clients and the design team to create realistic expectations, problem solve and evaluate the best solutions with the same goals in mind.

Project Evaluation

We work on the behalf of our clients and encourage open collaboration, insight and communication during the earliest stages of design to fully understand the project goals and work towards achieving the unique vision, priorities and expectations of each client.

Site Analysis

We enjoy putting our civil engineering skills to use to analyze the best placement, orientation and potential impacts to design and cost that site conditions may present. We work with the design team and engineers to offer valuable engineering options for consideration, without sacrificing design or intent.

Preliminary Estimating

When it comes to custom building, price per square foot is not an accurate way to calculate costs. We analyze the proposed design documents and work with the design team to develop an early, accurate cost estimate.

Value Engineering

We analyze high-cost impacts and offer alternative solutions, presenting the positive and negative effects of each as we work with the design team to improve value and minimize costs while maintaining the integrity of the designs.

Budget Development

We work with the design team to refine the details and establish accurate allowances and expectations while developing a realistic budget.

Schedule Development

As the design details and budget are being finalized, we develop a comprehensive project schedule from start to finish in order for the entire project team to enter the construction phase in an organized and well-prepared fashion.

Selection Schedule Development

As the construction schedule is developed, we create detailed selection lists and integrate it with the schedule for the entire project team to prioritize what is most important and identify potentially long-lead time items as we gear up to start construction.

The Construction Phase

Our detail-oriented, hands-on approach continues during the construction phase while we maintain open communication, accessibility and flexibility while guiding our clients through the selection process and ensure the project stays on schedule and in budget.

Some of our clients prefer to have very little to do with the building process and choose to defer decisions to their representatives and simply keep an eye on progress. Others prefer to be deeply involved with every decision and require a lot in terms of information, schedules, and pricing information. In all cases, the architect, designers, subcontractors and vendors are involved to varying degrees. While the involvement of our clients may vary, our processes remain consistent as we fully utilize our cloud-based management system to encourage open communication and share timely information for everyone to make fully-informed decisions along the way.

While our cloud-based system enhances the level of service and ease of communication that we provide, it does not come at the expense of personal time and attention on-site. We remain present and engaged by personally overseeing every aspect of construction when it comes to each of our projects. Our highly organized and meticulous oversight keeps everyone on track and informed as we work together to achieve the same goals.

Quality Assurance

Our experienced builders are fully engaged and personally manage every project. We bring our penchant for precise planning to the field by coordinating and supervising day-to-day activities. Our subcontractors are highly skilled, knowledgeable and as committed as we are to delivering the highest level of quality and craftmanship.

Cost Tracking

We provide transparent open-book job cost tracking for our clients to have accurate information at all times. A fully-custom home is a design-build process and we feel that it’s critical to know where you stand when considering options.


We provide fully detailed construction schedules before breaking ground and keep them up to date throughout construction. Every site and every home present a unique set of challenges. We analyze the activities and think outside of the box to minimize the timeline without sacrificing quality.


We provide detailed selection lists that are connected to the construction schedule for our clients and design teams to prioritize their time as we work to stay on schedule and in budget. A fully-custom home means you have full control over your selections.

Beyond Construction

We will always stand behind our work and remain responsive after construction is complete. We know that a custom home is a long-term investment and we will go above and beyond to ensure our clients remain fully satisfied by correcting issues that may arise even after our highest warranty standards have expired.