Abel Mendoza

Abel joined FBG in 2022 as an Assistant Project Manager. He has a true passion for the home-building process, having acquired experience managing projects from start to finish. Abel brings a calm and detailed approach to supervising, problem-solving and assisting with the day-to-day construction activities, both, on-site and in the office.

An always friendly and helpful presence at job sites, Abel provides hands-on support, guidance and quality control to ensure that a variety of construction activities are performed in a smooth, orderly fashion.

When he’s not on-site managing projects, Abel is in the office where his organized, meticulous nature allows him to excel at coordinating the vision of the design team, conveying the latest plans & specifications, and anticipating the next steps to keep projects on schedule. Always eager to learn, Abel is constantly looking to refine and improve the home-building experience.

Abel graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management and concentration in Residential Construction.